SD Mushrooms with cap, stem, and pores (or teeth)

South Dakota is home to a huge variety of mushrooms, some are delicious and some painfully deadly! This page lists only mushrooms that have a stem and cap with pores or teeth. Some pores can be a few millimeters wide or some can be so small that the bottom of the cap looks smooth (see above photo). If you want to identify other types of mushrooms such as spherical mushrooms, mushrooms with gills, shelf mushrooms, etc. please start on the main mycology page:

Boletinellus Merulioides – this is the first bolete that I ever positively identified and ate. The pores have a weird “veiny” structure to them and that stem is always off center. These features make this bolete stand out from the others IMO. I thought it tasted good! Found mid August 22 in Sioux Falls.

Polyporus Arcularius – I’ve only found this in Spring but a similar mushroom, P. Mori, can be found on almost any hiking trail at any time of the year. The main difference is P. Arcularius has a definite stem which attaches centrally on the cap (P.Mori is a shelf mushroom). Grows on wood.

Polyporus Badius – When I first found this mushroom in 2021 there were over 25 large capped (8in, 20cm) red mushroom covering a small area. I was blown away that I couldn’t find it in any of my mushroom books. Turns out, they were old and I was searching for the wrong color. The cap is very thin for such a large mushroom and turns dark reddish brown with age.

Polyporus Squamosis – This mushroom is absolutely enormous and almost impossible to miss. If you find this mushroom young (cap breaks in chunks instead of flexing like leather) then it is totally edible. Technically a shelf mushroom, I have found it growing straight up from the ground on a short black stem so it is organized on this page to help new mushroom hunters. Check out my foraging video for identification and edibility tips:

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