Spherical & Club Shaped Mushrooms of SD

lycoperdon pyriforme – high chance of misidentification. summer 2021

South Dakota is home to a huge variety of mushrooms, some are delicious and some painfully deadly! This page lists only mushrooms that are spherical or club shaped (see above photo). If you want to identify other types of mushrooms such as cup mushrooms, mushrooms with pores, shelf mushrooms, etc. please start on the main mycology page:

Lycoperdon Epidendrum – I don’t have much to add about this tiny slime mold. They are very easy to spot when young due to bright pinkish red or orangish red color. The above photo was taken in my garden in Sioux Falls, SD.

lycoperdon pyriforme – identification was completed based on some cool old photos from fall 2021 in a wooded park within Sioux Falls, SD. The mushroom L. Pyriforme is edible but I have not had the chance to try it! I did find the carcass of these mushrooms at the end of winter. They turn dark brown and let out a plume of spores if poked with a finger.

Dead Man’s Fingers – The latin or scientific name is xylaria polymorpha. I try my hardest to learn the proper name but let’s be honest, “Dead Man’s Fingers” is just way cooler. Not edible but I frequently find this when I am crouching near dying wood in the summer. The top right photo may potentially be Xylaria Hypoxylon due to the very skinny stature but I didn’t take any home for a proper ID due to age.

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